Help for the Game of Hextup

Welcome to the network Hextup server. The challenge command is described here. Other commands are the same as for all pbmserv games.

  hextup challenge [-pool_size=number] [-min_pips=number] [-max_pips=number] userid1 userid2

starts a new game for two players.

The -pool_size parameter specifies how many tiles each player has in their pool (default 7).
The -min_pips parameter specifies the minimum number of pips on any face (default 0).
The -max_pips parameter specifies the maximum number of pips on any face (default 6).


Hextup is a hexagonal domino stacking game played in which players strive to form groups of their colour containing all pip counts.


Hextup is played with two sets of 28 "double six" hextiles (hexagonal dominos) each showing a unique pip pair in the range 0 to 6, one set in each player's colour.

Start: All tiles start off face down in the boneyards (unused tile sets). Players take turns drawing a tile of their colour until a double is drawn, and this becomes the first tile played. Players each then draw their own pool of 7 tiles of their colour, which the opponent can see.

Play: Each turn, the current player must place one of their tiles adjacent to at least one existing tile, such that any hexagon adjacent to one or more existing hexagons must match at least one of them in pip count. Alternatively, the tile may be stacked on two separate tiles if it sits flat and the pip counts of both hexagons match those being stacked on.

Aim: The game is won by the player who completes a connected group of their colour containing all 7 pip counts. For example, Dark has won the following game. The game is tied if nether player wins before the tiles run out.

_____/\_____ _____ Dark wins
/.....\ ..... .....\ _____/ o o \
/..o.o..\_____ .......\/ \ o o \_____
/\ ..... .....\ ..... / \_____/.o.o.\
\ \_____\_____/\ o o \.o.o..\_____
\/ \ ._____/ \ \_____ o o \o.o. .o.o.\ / o o \/.....\ \/____/\ o o /____ ...o...\_____
\ /..o.o..\_____/____/\ \_____/ \ .o.o. /.o.o.\
\ /\ ..... .....\ \ \/____/ o \_____/...o...\
/ \ \_____ .......\ \/____/\ /..... .o.o. /
/ o o \/____/\ ..... /____ \ \_____/...o... _____/
/\ /____/\ \_____/.o.o.\ \/.....\ ..... /____/
\ \_____/ \ \/____/.......\_____/...o...\_____/
\/____/ \/____/\ .o.o. /.o.o. ..... /____/
\ \_____/....... _____/
\/____/\ .o.o. /____/
\ \_____/


The move syntax is:

hextup move board# userid password 24:7,9
  - Place the 24 tile at positions 7 and 9.


Hextiles and Hextup rules by Cameron Browne and copyright (c) Cyberite Ltd, 2008.

The name Hextup is derived from "Hextiles with upward stackingn".

Graphical web interface:

Official Hextiles page:

Implementation and Help file by Cameron Browne, November 2008.