Help For Checkers to the Max™


Welcome to the network Checkers to the Max™ server. The Rules of Checkers to the Max™ are below. The maxcheckers "set" command is described here. Other commands are the same for all pbmserv games.

maxcheckers set userid password [ options ]
maxcheckers move board userid password option
Selects optional ways of viewing the board. Available options:
    flip    : Rotate the board if you are playing Black (default)
    noflip  : White is always at the bottom.

    large   : Large board display (default)
    small   : Small board display

Rules of Checkers to the Max™

Checkers to the Max™ was invented by Stan Druben. It is played in exactly the same way as Checkers except for the following differences:
  • All pieces start off the board in the player's hand.
  • Instead of making a normal move, a player can drop one of his in-hand pieces onto the board, onto any of the spaces which his pieces would normally start on.
  • Capturing still takes precedence over dropping pieces.
  • The games ends when one player has no legal capture, move, or drop. That player loses the game.

The notation for a drop is a single coordinate of the space where the piece should be dropped. (e.g. D4)

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