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Help For Pente± 


Welcome to the network Pente±  server. The rules of Pente±  are below. The commands are the same for all pbmserv games. In commands sent to the server Pente±  should be referred to as  pente+- , for example in order to start a new game, the following command should be issued:
        pente+- challenge userid1 userid2


Pente±  is a variant suggested by Dmitri Krasnonosov and the difference between it and the regular 2- player Pente is the following rule:

When a player makes a capture, he has a choice between adding it to his capture score (like in regular Pente), or subtracting a capture from his opponent's capture score.

Adding a capture to one's score is indicated by a "+" in move notation, subtracting a capture from the opponent's score - by a "-" sign. For example,

        pente+- move 222 userid password G12+

If one move makes several captures, the player should use several plus or minus signs in move notation. There is no restriction saying that all these signs should be the same. For example:

        pente+- move 222 userid password G12+-

It is illegal to make opponent's capture score negative.

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