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Help for ToriShogi


Welcome to the network ToriShogi server. The rules for ToriShogi are below. The torishogi "challenge" and "set" commands are described here. Other commands are the same for all games.

torishogi challenge userid1 userid2 [ -handicap=xxx ]
Start a new game between userid1 and userid2.

The full syntax for the "-handicap" option is described on the shogi help page.

shogi set userid password [options]
These are the available options.
 flip      : Rotate the board if you are playing White (default)
 noflip    : Black is always on the bottom

 standard  : default board style     |\ N/|/+P\|
 alternate : Shogi-L board style     | wN |+bP |
 small     : Small board display     |wN bG bP+|

Rules for ToriShogi

ToriShogi is a small Shogi variant played on a 7x7 board. The name "Tori Shogi" means "bird chess" and all the pieces are named after birds. ToriShogi uses the same rules as shogi, except for the pieces which are used and a few differences noted below.

These are the differences between Shogi and ToriShogi:

  1. ToriShogi is played on a 7x7 board, with the last two ranks being the promotion zone. This is the opening setup:
           7    6    5    4    3    2    1  
        +----+----+----+----+----+----+----+    White (White)
      a | wQr| wPt| wCr| wPh| wCr| wPt| wQl| a 
      b |    |    |    | wFa|    |    |    | b 
      c | wSw| wSw| wSw| wSw| wSw| wSw| wSw| c 
      d |    |    | bSw|    | wSw|    |    | d 
      e | bSw| bSw| bSw| bSw| bSw| bSw| bSw| e 
      f |    |    |    | bFa|    |    |    | f 
      g | bQl| bPt| bCr| bPh| bCr| bPt| bQr| g 
        +----+----+----+----+----+----+----+    Black (Black)
           7    6    5    4    3    2    1  
  2. The Phoenix is the King in ToriShogi. It moves the same as a King and the game is over when the Phoenix is checkmated or captured.
  3. A piece must always promote when it enters or moves in the promotion zone. Pieces remain unpromoted if dropped into the promotion zone, but must promote the next time they are moved. Only the Falcon and Swallows promote in ToriShogi.
  4. Swallows are similar to Pawns in Shogi. They may not be dropped to give checkmate. They may not be dropped onto a column which already has two unpromoted Swallows. (Shogi allows only one unpromoted pawn in a column.)

ToriShogi Pieces

  • An 'x' indicates a square which the piece may move or jump to.
  • A dot is used to show jump moves clearly. It is the space which is jumped over (but cannot be moved to).
  • A line indicates the piece may move any number of squares in that direction.
  • A number indicates the piece may move in that direction up to that number of squares, but not jumping.

  x x x
    Cr      Crane                                   (none)
  x x x     does not promote

  x x x                                   \ x /
  x Fax     Falcon                        x+Fax     Eagle
  x   x     promotes to Eagle             2 | 2     promoted Falcon

  x x x
  x Phx     Phoenix                                 (none)
  x x x     does not promote

    Pt      Pheasant                                (none)
  x   x     does not promote

    Ql      Left Quail                              (none)
  x   \     does not promote

    Qr      Right Quail                             (none)
  /   x     does not promote

                                        x       x
    x                                     .   .
    Sw      Swallow                        +Sw      Goose
            promotes to Goose               .       promoted Swallow


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