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Help For Tug-of-War (ToW)


Welcome to the network Tug-of-War (ToW) server. The Rules of Tug-of-War are below.

Tug-of-War supports games with more than two players. Up to four players may play together by including all of their userids in the "tow challenge" command.

Other commands are the same as all pbmserv games, except that the "preview" and "submit/confirm" commands are not allowed.

Rules of Tug-of-War (ToW)

Up to four players take turns placing "bids". High bidder gets 1 goal point from each other player. First player to take an average of 5 points from each other player wins.

Each player starts with 1000 bid points and 0 goal points.

Minimum bid is 1 point.

If at the end of a round you have 5*(nplayers-1) or more goal points, you win.

If you have no bid points remaining at the end of a round, you are *out*. (You will continue to lose goal points to other players).


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