Firetop Mountain Record for Cmt


vs. 1autarkus 1/ 9/ 0

Battle B4290, 51 turns. MountainMan (1autarkus) won and Drizzt (Cmt) surrendered
Battle B4483, 21 turns. Iago (1autarkus) won and Drizzt (Cmt) died
Battle B4592, 76 turns. Daimat (Cmt) won and TrentWolf (1autarkus) surrendered
Battle B4653, 23 turns. Trafficman (1autarkus) won and Diablo (Cmt) died
Battle B4786, 37 turns. Trilby (1autarkus) won and Diabolique (Cmt) died
Battle B5180, 40 turns. FlyingPen (1autarkus) won and Dalamar (Cmt) died
Battle B5205, 12 turns. JRParz (1autarkus) won and Djinn (Cmt) surrendered
Battle B5224, 28 turns. FlyingPen (1autarkus) won and Djinn (Cmt) died
Battle B5407, 9 turns. Iago (1autarkus) won and Daimat (Cmt) surrendered
Battle B5504, 13 turns. FlyingPen (1autarkus) won and Daimon (Cmt) died

vs. Acid 5/ 1/ 0

Battle B4242, 27 turns. Deadman (Cmt) won and Biochemical (Acid) surrendered
Battle B4297, 53 turns. Deadman (Cmt) won and Biochemical (Acid) died
Battle B4320, 10 turns. Deadman (Cmt) won and Ace (Acid) surrendered
Battle B4327, 18 turns. Deadman (Cmt) won and Ice (Acid) died
Battle B4334, 35 turns. HappyAss (Acid) won and Deadman (Cmt) died
Battle B5028, 59 turns. Despair (Cmt) won and Magnesium (Acid) surrendered

vs. Asdpikas 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B4489, 44 turns. Lister (Asdpikas) won and Dagger (Cmt) died

vs. Axe 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B3664, 39 turns. Beast (Axe) won and Dkrann (Cmt) died

vs. Badger 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B5324, 35 turns. Daimat (Cmt) won and Asmon (Badger) surrendered

vs. Bazooka 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B4529, 27 turns. GoodMan (Bazooka) won and Darklord (Cmt) died

vs. Blurr 1/ 1/ 0

Battle B5047, 19 turns. Draco (Blurr) won and Daimat (Cmt) surrendered
Battle B5102, 13 turns. Djinn (Cmt) won and Banzai (Blurr) surrendered

vs. Bobbigmac 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B4229, 15 turns. Deadman (Cmt) won and BigMac (Bobbigmac) died

vs. Bulldog 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B5445, 21 turns. Deville (Cmt) won and Res (Bulldog) surrendered

vs. Eyeball 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B3874, 46 turns. Huge_Eyeball (Eyeball) won and Dayron (Cmt) surrendered

vs. Frederick 1/ 3/ 0

Battle B4421, 16 turns. Matiz (Frederick) won and Drakken (Cmt) surrendered
Battle B4444, 30 turns. Matiz (Frederick) won and Drakken (Cmt) died
Battle B4547, 45 turns. Zap (Frederick) won and Diamondback (Cmt) died
Battle B4942, 26 turns. Daimat (Cmt) won and Zap (Frederick) died

vs. Fx 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B5134, 15 turns. Cd (Fx) won and Djinn (Cmt) surrendered
Battle B5167, 11 turns. Cd (Fx) won and Djinn (Cmt) surrendered

vs. Gorby 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B3694, 5 turns. Tangast (Gorby) won and Dayron (Cmt) surrendered
Battle B3805, 40 turns. Tangast (Gorby) won and Daimon (Cmt) died

vs. Grimreaper 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B5471, 26 turns. Meleeman3 (Grimreaper) won and Deville (Cmt) died
Battle B5549, 19 turns. Lockpick (Grimreaper) won and Deathstrike (Cmt) surrendered

vs. Khyr 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B4470, 11 turns. Drizzt (Cmt) won and Maddin (Khyr) died

vs. Marcus 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B3661, 11 turns. Clotho (Marcus) won and Demian (Cmt) died
Battle B3802, 15 turns. Houdini (Marcus) won and Dayron (Cmt) surrendered

vs. Maz 2/ 0/ 0

Battle B4430, 6 turns. Drakken (Cmt) won and Tkn (Maz) surrendered
Battle B4750, 20 turns. Diabolique (Cmt) won and Zippy (Maz) surrendered

vs. Mutant 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B4123, 20 turns. Magneto (Mutant) won and Drake (Cmt) surrendered

vs. Mystic 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B5567, 16 turns. Magus (Mystic) won and Deathstrike (Cmt) surrendered

vs. Pannekoek 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B4210, 27 turns. Raiden (Pannekoek) won and Dayron (Cmt) died

vs. Pierre 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B3961, 26 turns. MortSubite (Pierre) won and Dorian (Cmt) surrendered

vs. Pj 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B4805, 30 turns. Uman (Pj) won and Daimat (Cmt) surrendered
Battle B5418, 24 turns. Eman (Pj) won and Daimat (Cmt) died

vs. Rainbow 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B4600, 24 turns. Morgan (Rainbow) won and Dogma (Cmt) died

vs. Sandman 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B4833, 17 turns. Grisso (Sandman) won and Daimat (Cmt) surrendered
Battle B4967, 25 turns. Stoon (Sandman) won and Demonkiller (Cmt) died

vs. Scram 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B4841, 44 turns. Demonkiller (Cmt) won and Rince (Scram) surrendered

vs. Sny 2/ 0/ 0

Battle B3658, 18 turns. Dayron (Cmt) won and Dunh (Sny) surrendered
Battle B4387, 17 turns. Drakken (Cmt) won and Dunh (Sny) surrendered

vs. Spider 0/ 6/ 0

Battle B4060, 32 turns. Claude (Spider) won and Dken (Cmt) died
Battle B4119, 12 turns. Claude (Spider) won and Drake (Cmt) surrendered
Battle B4146, 15 turns. Shania (Spider) won and Drake (Cmt) died
Battle B4216, 24 turns. Shania (Spider) won and Darkman (Cmt) died
Battle B4232, 18 turns. Shania (Spider) won and Desiree (Cmt) died
Battle B4247, 34 turns. Shania (Spider) won and Drizzt (Cmt) surrendered

vs. Xtr 2/ 0/ 0

Battle B3666, 8 turns. Draven (Cmt) won and Tol (Xtr) died
Battle B3669, 12 turns. Draven (Cmt) won and Rath (Xtr) surrendered


Battle B3667, 19 turns. Dorian (Cmt) won, B2 (Marcus) surrendered, Capricorne (Pierre) surrendered, Lucifer (Pierre) surrendered, B1 (Marcus) died, Devorak (Cmt) died, AghOrugh (Xtr) surrendered and Harono (Xtr) surrendered
Battle B3807, 20 turns. AlFarsud (Gorby) won, Dken (Cmt) surrendered and Duddles (Dave) forfeited
Battle B3998, 34 turns. Djinn (Cmt) won, TheDevil (Axe) surrendered, Adam (Jeff) surrendered, Lucifer (Pierre) surrendered, BeesNees (Sny) surrendered, Karat (Diamond) surrendered and Xenon (Pakaran) forfeited
Battle B4034, 28 turns. Blas (Elricz) won, AlFarsud (Gorby) died, BereStoor (Sny) surrendered and Dorian (Cmt) died
Battle B5127, 32 turns. Fodder_Two (Lurch) won, SpaceBar (Sny) died, Syperd (Frederick) died, Zemgog_The_Mad (Staremperor) died, Mastersizer (Grimreaper) died, Mielie (Bulldog) died and Daimat (Cmt) surrendered
Battle B5312, 42 turns. PettyGuy (Falgund) won, Karnov (Gavin) surrendered, Drakken (Cmt) died, Meleeman3 (Grimreaper) surrendered, Willy (Aizkolari) surrendered, SampleManager (Sny) died and Coco (Elricz) surrendered