Firetop Mountain Record for Sny


vs. 1autarkus 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B4798, 2 turns. AMOWAT (1autarkus) won and Dru (Sny) surrendered

vs. Acid 2/ 2/ 0

Battle B3758, 20 turns. Dru (Sny) won and Doom (Acid) died
Battle B4335, 6 turns. Pocketlint (Sny) won and Cackpaper (Acid) surrendered
Battle B4394, 22 turns. Iron (Acid) won and Pocketlint (Sny) surrendered
Battle B4411, 27 turns. Magnesium (Acid) won and Poegmoes (Sny) surrendered

vs. Asdpikas 0/ 0/ 1

Battle B3746, 44 turns. BroddaTheEasterling (Sny) died and Bimbaloo (Asdpikas) died

vs. August 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B1728, 27 turns. DeMoivre (August) won and Mbuna (Sny) surrendered

vs. Axe 0/ 4/ 0

Battle B3556, 14 turns. Kurkkopie (Axe) won and Dru (Sny) surrendered
Battle B3619, 40 turns. Zombie (Axe) won and SampleManager (Sny) surrendered
Battle B3847, 28 turns. Gavin (Axe) won and LieweLulu (Sny) surrendered
Battle B4172, 22 turns. Bogus (Axe) won and Dru (Sny) surrendered

vs. Azhrei 2/ 0/ 0

Battle B3311, 24 turns. Braaitang (Sny) won and Beeno (Azhrei) surrendered
Battle B3351, 33 turns. Braaitang (Sny) won and Beeno (Azhrei) surrendered

vs. Ben_dahur 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B2719, 16 turns. Rinceventre (Ben_dahur) won and SpaceBar (Sny) surrendered

vs. Boss 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B3628, 5 turns. Jammergat (Sny) won and Ghost (Boss) surrendered

vs. Brotchen 1/ 1/ 0

Battle B1851, 8 turns. Getafix (Sny) won and Kilahm (Brotchen) surrendered
Battle B1879, 6 turns. Kilahm (Brotchen) won and Dunh (Sny) surrendered

vs. Bubben 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B1902, 12 turns. Dru (Sny) survived and LittlePaime (Bubben) forfeited

vs. Cmt 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B3658, 18 turns. Dayron (Cmt) won and Dunh (Sny) surrendered
Battle B4387, 17 turns. Drakken (Cmt) won and Dunh (Sny) surrendered

vs. Con 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B1785, 25 turns. Tigraine (Con) won and Laernu (Sny) died
Battle B1977, 7 turns. Meran (Con) won and Hoofstoor (Sny) surrendered

vs. Deathstalker 0/ 2/ 1

Battle B3604, 26 turns. SUMMONSED (Deathstalker) won and BeesNees (Sny) surrendered
Battle B3803, 25 turns. One (Deathstalker) died and DeltaOne (Sny) died
Battle B3915, 2 turns. Reaper (Deathstalker) won and Jammergat (Sny) surrendered

vs. Diamond 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B3537, 14 turns. Faceted (Diamond) won and Faradhi (Sny) died

vs. Doddzy39 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B3919, 2 turns. Gkrellm (Sny) survived and Lorius (Doddzy39) forfeited

vs. Et 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B3991, 20 turns. Axelfolie (Et) won and Beltira (Sny) died

vs. Eyeball 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B3912, 18 turns. Red_Eyeball (Eyeball) won and FoulOleRon (Sny) surrendered

vs. Frederic 1/ 3/ 0

Battle B1684, 15 turns. Geek (Frederic) won and Gietergat (Sny) surrendered
Battle B1740, 23 turns. Hagrid (Frederic) won and Hoofstoor (Sny) surrendered
Battle B1774, 22 turns. HavocTec (Sny) won and Jeronimo (Frederic) surrendered
Battle B1860, 36 turns. Merlin (Frederic) won and Vic (Sny) surrendered

vs. Fx 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B5006, 13 turns. Writer (Fx) won and BereStoor (Sny) died

vs. Garotte 1/ 1/ 0

Battle B3486, 22 turns. Zoar (Garotte) won and Deurknop (Sny) died
Battle B3557, 14 turns. Dunh (Sny) won and Zoar (Garotte) surrendered

vs. Gavin 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B4567, 18 turns. It (Gavin) won and Kulgan (Sny) surrendered
Battle B4622, 7 turns. It (Gavin) won and Kulgan (Sny) surrendered

vs. Gawie 2/ 1/ 0

Battle B3259, 19 turns. Braaitang (Sny) won and Live (Gawie) died
Battle B3321, 39 turns. Relic (Gawie) won and Yskas (Sny) died
Battle B3420, 18 turns. DeltaOne (Sny) won and Relic (Gawie) died

vs. Ghost 3/ 0/ 0

Battle B3308, 4 turns. DeltaOne (Sny) won and Spam (Ghost) surrendered
Battle B3315, 16 turns. DeltaOne (Sny) won and Spam (Ghost) died
Battle B3367, 1 turns. DeltaOne (Sny) won and Slime (Ghost) surrendered

vs. Gorby 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B1773, 16 turns. Tangast (Gorby) won and XobNi (Sny) surrendered
Battle B3345, 8 turns. Heor (Gorby) won and LieweLulu (Sny) surrendered

vs. Hrogers 3/ 1/ 0

Battle B1994, 3 turns. Gkrellm (Sny) won and Buck (Hrogers) surrendered
Battle B3305, 16 turns. Centac (Hrogers) won and Vic (Sny) died
Battle B3642, 13 turns. Dru (Sny) won and Tiekie (Hrogers) surrendered
Battle B4028, 15 turns. SampleManager (Sny) won and Tiekie (Hrogers) died

vs. Jaco 3/ 0/ 0

Battle B1807, 8 turns. Deurknop (Sny) won and Psycho (Jaco) surrendered
Battle B1826, 4 turns. Deurknop (Sny) won and Psycho (Jaco) surrendered
Battle B1835, 20H turns. Deurknop (Sny) won and Psycho (Jaco) died

vs. Jeff 0/ 3/ 0

Battle B1742, 23 turns. Death (Jeff) won and Beldin (Sny) died
Battle B1865, 15 turns. Kaos (Jeff) won and Flagg (Sny) surrendered
Battle B1938, 13 turns. TheSnake (Jeff) won and DevNull (Sny) surrendered

vs. Lourens 2/ 0/ 0

Battle B3245, 25 turns. BroddaTheEasterling (Sny) won and Blanko (Lourens) surrendered
Battle B3326, 28 turns. Dru (Sny) won and Moeg (Lourens) surrendered

vs. Marcus 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B3612, 19 turns. Houdini (Marcus) won and LieweLulu (Sny) surrendered
Battle B3842, 16 turns. Morgana (Marcus) won and Jammergat (Sny) surrendered

vs. Maz 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B4349, 17 turns. Dru (Sny) won and Kassie (Maz) surrendered

vs. Pannekoek 4/ 0/ 0

Battle B3271, 8 turns. Deurknop (Sny) won and Zippy (Pannekoek) surrendered
Battle B3322, 17 turns. Deurknop (Sny) won and Zippy (Pannekoek) died
Battle B3646, 19 turns. Pocketlint (Sny) won and Superman (Pannekoek) died
Battle B3825, 22 turns. SampleManager (Sny) won and Jaen (Pannekoek) surrendered

vs. Phillip 2/ 2/ 0

Battle B1733, 14H turns. Err (Phillip) won and Ghend (Sny) died
Battle B1744, 22 turns. Err (Phillip) won and Hoofstoor (Sny) surrendered
Battle B1750, 9 turns. Gkrellm (Sny) won and Err (Phillip) surrendered
Battle B1813, 12 turns. Gkrellm (Sny) won and Err (Phillip) surrendered

vs. Pj 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B3829, 46 turns. Dunh (Sny) won and Cman (Pj) died

vs. Sam 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B3897, 3 turns. Dru (Sny) survived and Crow (Sam) forfeited

vs. Scala 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B1871, 27 turns. Scala (Scala) won and HavocTec (Sny) surrendered

vs. Spider 1/ 1/ 0

Battle B3477, 41 turns. LieweLulu (Sny) won and Matrix (Spider) died
Battle B3822, 42 turns. Nicole (Spider) won and BeesNees (Sny) surrendered

vs. Valdemar 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B3778, 27 turns. Pocketlint (Sny) won and Gunner (Valdemar) surrendered

vs. Wayne 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B1894, 5 turns. Dunh (Sny) survived and Lancelot (Wayne) forfeited

vs. Wolfance 0/ 2/ 1

Battle B1872, 11 turns. Wolfcaster3 (Wolfance) won and Getafix (Sny) died
Battle B1895, 18H turns. Wolfcaster3 (Wolfance) won and Veak (Sny) died
Battle B1922, 16 turns. Wolfcaster3 (Wolfance) died and HavocTec (Sny) died

vs. Xanthippus 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B1841, 16 turns. Ermintrude (Xanthippus) won and HavocTec (Sny) surrendered

vs. Xrayspecks 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B3418, 24 turns. OneEyedWarlock (Xrayspecks) won and Grimgrin (Sny) died


Battle B1649, 27 turns. BroddaTheEasterling (Sny) won, Amanda (Clearwater) died, Hub (Thrawn) died, Rule (Calmon) surrendered, Erioh (Gorby) died and Zukkuz (Scaler) surrendered
Battle B1686, 17 turns. Beldin (Sny) won, Err (Phillip) surrendered, Att (Sny) died and Xit (Phillip) died
Battle B1692, 54 turns. Yuval (Yuval) won, Varda (Michal) surrendered, Bouc2 (Brice) died, LeProfesseurTournesol (Pierre) surrendered, Gietergat (Sny) died and Aman (Pj) surrendered
Battle B1694, 23 turns. Meoh (Sny) won, Err (Phillip) surrendered, Beldin (Sny) surrendered and PSI (Phillip) died
Battle B1726, 36 turns. Bayes (August) won, Quasilich (Stealthy) died, Biquet (Brice) died, Pit3 (Pierre) surrendered, Cohen (Sny) died and Houdini (Frederic) died
Battle B1787, 44 turns. Fluffy (Bram) won, Sjaman (Bram) surrendered, Dirk_the_Daring (Lurch) died, Mesaana (Mark) died, Osangar (Mark) died, Arion (Lurch) died, Mbuna (Sny) died and Hoofstoor (Sny) surrendered
Battle B1838, 17 turns. Adam (Jeff) won, Katakana (Sapo) died, Txus (Tschuss) died and XobNi (Sny) died
Battle B1842, 36 turns. Maya (Frederic) won, Ratel (Sny) surrendered and Wolfbuster (Wolfance) surrendered
Battle B1904, 28 turns. Polyrem (Gorby) won, Demandred (Mark) died, Vic (Sny) surrendered, Lord (Calmon) died, Robot_One (Pierre) surrendered and Darth_Wolf (Spellcaster) surrendered
Battle B1926, 22 turns. Bman (Pj) won, Erioh (Gorby) died, Archer01 (Sny) died, WolfCaster (Wolfance) died, Wolf_killer (Spellcaster) died and Tragorn (Calmon) died
Battle B1944, 20 turns. Maya (Frederic) won, Atreides (Bridgeweaver) surrendered and Ratel (Sny) surrendered
Battle B1946, 16 turns. Nash (August) won, Zontag (Sny) died, Gurthang (Bridgeweaver) forfeited, Archaon (N3wjack) surrendered and Laura (Clearwater) surrendered
Battle B1966, 10 turns. Galafon (Pierre) won, Dunh (Sny) surrendered, Atreides (Bridgeweaver) forfeited and Raistlin (Fizban) forfeited
Battle B2069, 33 turns. Kolmogorov (August) won, Arangar (Mark) died, Maestro (Gedasm) died, Durandal (Pierre) died, Fodder_One (Lurch) died, Kuniklo (Usagi) died, Nman (Pj) died, Rule (Calmon) died, Betha (Ulrich) died, Grimm (Larry_g) died, Mago (Thrawn) surrendered, DevNull (Sny) died, Dubouc2 (Brice) died, Angela (Clearwater) died, Melnom (Nom) surrendered, Artus (Frederic) surrendered and AlFarsud (Gorby) died
Battle B2094, 38 turns. Sharp (Diamond) surrendered, Bright (Diamond) surrendered, Gosset (August) surrendered, Fisher (August) died, Kulgan (Sny) died, Flagg (Sny) died, Man1 (Pj) surrendered and Man2 (Pj) died
Battle B2129, 38 turns. Adam (Jeff) won, Bramdalf (Bram) died, Galafon (Pierre) died, Demandred (Mark) died, Vic (Sny) surrendered and Polyrem (Gorby) died
Battle B2137, 24 turns. Carla (Frederic) won, Sammael (Mark) surrendered, Hoofstoor (Sny) surrendered and Firetop (Scaler) surrendered
Battle B2287, 14 turns. Carla (Frederic) won, Bin (Jedi52) surrendered, Meoh (Sny) surrendered and RedMoon (Kracken) forfeited
Battle B2291, 29 turns. Sammael (Mark) won, Dunh (Sny) surrendered, Brambo (Bram) surrendered, LeProfesseurTournesol (Pierre) surrendered, TheWhiteKnight (Theknight) forfeited and Raithe (Jedi52) forfeited
Battle B2341, 27 turns. Thilan (Yuval) won, Dru (Sny) surrendered, Kenny (Antix) forfeited and Aslan (Jedi52) forfeited
Battle B2362, 24 turns. DrDee (Marcus) won, Hoofstoor (Sny) died, SetoKaiba (Morecai) forfeited, MortSubite (Pierre) surrendered, Graendal (Mark) surrendered, Garkin (Shadowfox) died, Kyle (Antix) forfeited and Sleepy (Jedi52) forfeited
Battle B2421, 32 turns. Bouc3 (Brice) won, Gkrellm (Sny) surrendered, Uncle (Morecai) forfeited, Beromil (Dogdaysunrise) surrendered, Skeeve (Shadowfox) forfeited, Lightning_elemental (Diamond) died, Lanfear (Mark) surrendered, RH (Sunkist) forfeited, Schmendrick (Lurch) surrendered, South (Calmon) surrendered and Quaal (Maarak) surrendered
Battle B2525, 38 turns. Attilla_the_Nun (Shadowfox) won, Sokkies (Hrogers) surrendered, Thaeles (Darkfire) surrendered, Deurknop (Sny) surrendered and Elaida (Pakaran) forfeited
Battle B2578, 46 turns. Gosset (August) won, MisterBrown (Brice) surrendered, Raido (Shadowfox) forfeited, TekeliLi (Dogdaysunrise) forfeited, Whiner (Turbo) forfeited, Lucifer (Pierre) surrendered, SnyMaxx (Sny) died, Mesaana (Mark) surrendered and RegisIII (Thrawn) surrendered
Battle B2632, 55 turns. Wman (Pj) died, Meleebouc (Brice) surrendered, BaldInitiate (Nightlord) died and Nitro (Sny) died
Battle B2689, 67 turns. Atropos (Marcus) won, Facet (Diamond) died, LeboucducapitaineHaddock (Brice) died, Ailas (Falgund) died, DeMoivre (August) died, Seriah (Darkfire) surrendered and Meoh (Sny) died
Battle B2721, 54T turns. Demandred (Mark) won, Jund (Falgund) surrendered, Saruman (Shadowfox) forfeited, Funfactor (Sny) surrendered, Garl (Markw) surrendered and Minge (Timelord12) surrendered
Battle B2803, 39 turns. Eve (Jeff) won, Pit3 (Pierre) died, Hard (Diamond) surrendered and Faradhi (Sny) surrendered
Battle B2864, 65 turns. Mickus (Gedasm) won, Vienas (Pj) died, Bright (Diamond) died, Arangar (Mark) surrendered, Altren (Falgund) died, Toppie (Hrogers) surrendered, SereneInitiate (Xrayspecks) surrendered, Regis (Thrawn) died, SpaceBar (Sny) surrendered and DarthBlackBritches (Bubba) forfeited
Battle B3033, 17 turns. Pressure (Diamond) won, Erioh (Gorby) died and Vic (Sny) surrendered
Battle B3217, 38 turns. Khardek (Falgund) won, Belsamoreth (Kyarmentari) died, MageWithAfro (Xrayspecks) died, Dunh (Sny) surrendered, SierraGolf (Vlad) died and Gryph (Gryphon202) surrendered
Battle B3242, 14 turns. Cut (Diamond) won, NovemberOscar (Vlad) died, Shard (Diamond) died, UnshavenMage (Xrayspecks) died, Thilan (Yuval) died, AbleKilo (Vlad) died, Lur (Yuval) died, CigarSmokingMage (Xrayspecks) died, BeesNees (Sny) surrendered, Funfactor (Sny) surrendered, Kroma (Macro1970) surrendered and Xelip (Pixel) surrendered
Battle B3257, 89 turns. LeProfesseurTournesol (Pierre) won, Bedazzled (Diamond) died, PettyGuy (Falgund) surrendered, Gennosuke (Usagi) surrendered, SquirrelNutZipper (Squirrel) forfeited, Peasant (Kyarmentari) died, Getafix (Sny) surrendered and Quibble (Macro1970) surrendered
Battle B3335, 17 turns. Mysterio (Lourens) surrendered, BroddaTheEasterling (Sny) surrendered, Kingpin (Gawie) died, Arsenic (Pannekoek) died and Spike (Ghost) surrendered
Battle B3374, 24 turns. Aman (Pj) won, Pintacle (Stealthy) died, Dragon (Larry_g) died, Igor (Falgund) died, Pear (Diamond) died, Moses (Turbo) died, Thox (Madmike) died, Troglodyte (Brice) died, Aginor (Mark) died, Sackerr (Sny) died, Angela (Clearwater) died, Asira (Darkfire) died, Grucho (Frederic) died, Biliktu (Sharkey) died, YES (Yuval) died, Samantha (Pierre) died, Sorrow (Ulrich) surrendered, ThinkBZ (Gedasm) died, Vannor (Gorby) died, CharlesDexterWard (Marcus) surrendered, Wyldmelee2 (Wyldstrike) surrendered, Mago (Thrawn) surrendered and GapToothedMage (Xrayspecks) surrendered
Battle B3442, 14 turns. Bones (Azhrei) surrendered, Dru (Sny) surrendered and JJ (Pannekoek) died
Battle B3504, 12 turns. Braveheart (Highlander) surrendered, Mysterio (Garotte) surrendered, BeesNees (Sny) surrendered, Jeopardy (Ghost) surrendered, Pamela (Spider) surrendered and Superman (Pannekoek) surrendered
Battle B3545, 46 turns. Demandred (Mark) surrendered, Khardek (Falgund) surrendered, Pearson (August) forfeited, Ocus (Pierre) surrendered, Spellbot (Marcus) surrendered, Funfactor (Sny) surrendered, FreckledMage (Xrayspecks) surrendered and LavenderAdept (Praxisadept) surrendered
Battle B3582, 31 turns. Acetone (Pannekoek) won, Akosta (Gorby) surrendered, Gkrellm (Sny) surrendered, Lanfear (Mark) surrendered, Zaxarus (Falgund) surrendered, Schmendrick (Lurch) died and Wer (Kraagenskul) surrendered
Battle B3597, 49 turns. Polyrem (Gorby) died, Zanthia (Falgund) died, Pit2 (Pierre) died, Ruby (Altaira) died and Braaitang (Sny) surrendered
Battle B3935, 35 turns. Zaxarus (Falgund) won, Abyssal (Stealthy) died, PC (Pannekoek) died, Akosta (Gorby) surrendered, Monkey (Bokonon) surrendered and HoofStoor (Sny) surrendered
Battle B3944, 5 turns. Goldfinger (Sny) won, BereStoor (Sny) surrendered, Possessed (Axe) surrendered and VeryAngry (Axe) surrendered
Battle B3945, 13 turns. Sharon (Spider) won, Charlize (Spider) surrendered, Beltira (Sny) surrendered and Belkira (Sny) died
Battle B3972, 14 turns. Cain (Jeff) won, Jammergat (Sny) surrendered, Charlize (Spider) died, Radagast (Goldant) surrendered and Reaper (Deathstalker) surrendered
Battle B3973, 28 turns. Melnom (Nom) won, LieweLulu (Sny) died, Predator (Falgund) died, Inkypinkyponky (Acid) surrendered and MaBaker (Axe) died
Battle B3998, 34 turns. Djinn (Cmt) won, TheDevil (Axe) surrendered, Adam (Jeff) surrendered, Lucifer (Pierre) surrendered, BeesNees (Sny) surrendered, Karat (Diamond) surrendered and Xenon (Pakaran) forfeited
Battle B4034, 28 turns. Blas (Elricz) won, AlFarsud (Gorby) died, BereStoor (Sny) surrendered and Dorian (Cmt) died
Battle B4035, 18 turns. VanKiller (Pannekoek) won, Stinger (Et) died, Krokedil (Spider) died, Rogue (Mutant) died, Goldfinger (Sny) died and Radon (Pakaran) died
Battle B4252, 20 turns. Jund (Falgund) won, MalliePos (Pannekoek) surrendered, FoulOleRon (Sny) surrendered, Capricorne (Pierre) surrendered, Wiseass (Acid) died and Bromine (Pakaran) died
Battle B4309, 30 turns. MortSubite (Pierre) died, Qoshila (Sharkey) died, Centac (Hrogers) died, Xman (Pj) died, Trinity (Matrix) surrendered, Varaldur (Darkfire) died, NeonKnoll (Neonelf) surrendered and Jammergat (Sny) surrendered
Battle B4376, 30 turns. Desawaratha (Falgund) won, Sapphire (Altaira) died, Vlekkie (Maz) died, Gkrellm (Sny) surrendered, Lara (Clearwater) died and Raiden (Pannekoek) died
Battle B4418, 24 turns. SampleManager (Sny) won, Demag (Hrogers) surrendered, Kassie1 (Maz) died, Boer (Pannekoek) died and Opal (Altaira) died
Battle B4419, 19 turns. Cyberghost (Matrix) won, SwartKat (Sny) surrendered and Baardman (Pannekoek) died
Battle B4456, 25 turns. Morfius (Matrix) won, Khyr (Khyr) died, Pocketlint (Sny) surrendered and Zzzzz (Maz) died
Battle B4465, 19 turns. Uman (Pj) won, TheExorcist (Gavin) surrendered, Moenie (Maz) surrendered, Funfactor (Sny) surrendered, LeShrub (Baphumaal) surrendered and Dingle (Cmoney) died
Battle B4466, 23 turns. Moghedien (Mark) won, Sokkies (Hrogers) died, Ocus (Pierre) surrendered, Donkie (Maz) surrendered, Dunh (Sny) surrendered, Catervillus (Khyr) forfeited, LabKiller (Pannekoek) surrendered and Iron (Acid) surrendered
Battle B4481, 21 turns. Goldberg (Gavin) won, Poegmoes (Sny) surrendered and LeStub (Baphumaal) died
Battle B4482, 28 turns. Khardek (Falgund) won, Besford (Hrogers) died, Dru (Sny) surrendered, LeScrub (Baphumaal) surrendered, Dronkvoel (Pannekoek) died, Elyas (Khyr) died and Cell (Snowball) surrendered
Battle B4557, 36 turns. Storm (Grimreaper) died, Worth (Diamond) surrendered, Shadowcaivan (Shadowgigas) died, Poltergeist (Gavin) died, Confusion (Pannekoek) surrendered, Zazu (Lionking) died, Ugly (Maz) surrendered, Cambion (Khyr) forfeited, Mort (Sny) surrendered and Bungler (Baphumaal) surrendered
Battle B4632, 19 turns. Blas (Elricz) won, Point (Diamond) died, VanKiller (Pannekoek) surrendered, Kosie (Maz) surrendered and BereStoor (Sny) surrendered
Battle B4679, 29 turns. Okkodai (Sharkey) won, AlFarsud (Gorby) died, Winds (Diamond) surrendered, Fodder_One (Lurch) died, Buck (Hrogers) surrendered and Kulgan (Sny) surrendered
Battle B5127, 32 turns. Fodder_Two (Lurch) won, SpaceBar (Sny) died, Syperd (Frederick) died, Zemgog_The_Mad (Staremperor) died, Mastersizer (Grimreaper) died, Mielie (Bulldog) died and Daimat (Cmt) surrendered
Battle B5266, 31 turns. Mda (Grimreaper) surrendered, TheDevil (Gavin) surrendered, Mickus (Gedasm) died, Rince (Scram) died, Dru (Sny) died, Geltxo (Aizkolari) died and Zaxarus (Falgund) surrendered
Battle B5312, 42 turns. PettyGuy (Falgund) won, Karnov (Gavin) surrendered, Drakken (Cmt) died, Meleeman3 (Grimreaper) surrendered, Willy (Aizkolari) surrendered, SampleManager (Sny) died and Coco (Elricz) surrendered
Battle B5321, 12H turns. Getafix (Sny) won, The_Undertaker (Gavin) died, Efreet (Mystic) died, Why_waste_your_time_trying_to_write_my_name (Grimreaper) surrendered and Fodder_Two (Lurch) died
Battle B5346, 23 turns. Drizzt (Sny) won, Neus (Bulldog) died, Billy (Blurr) died, Uzumaki1 (Asdpikas) surrendered, Desawaratha (Falgund) surrendered and Superfractionation (Grimreaper) surrendered