Firetop Mountain Record for Dave


vs. Durial 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B2144, 6 turns. Durial (Durial) survived and Mandragoren (Dave) forfeited
Battle B2145, 11 turns. Fate (Durial) won and Renwick (Dave) died

vs. Flo 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B5122, 3 turns. Helmut (Flo) survived and Knut (Dave) forfeited

vs. Gorby 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B3871, 19 turns. Faler (Gorby) survived and Schlop (Dave) forfeited

vs. Schlopstakovich 1/ 2/ 0

Battle B3870, 17 turns. CheeseFries2 (Schlopstakovich) won and DJ (Dave) died
Battle B3875, 18 turns. CheeseFries2 (Schlopstakovich) won and Snuffles (Dave) died
Battle B3888, 22 turns. Gulliver (Dave) won and CheesyFries (Schlopstakovich) surrendered

vs. Sirsmaug 1/ 1/ 0

Battle B3868, 15 turns. RentedMule (Sirsmaug) won and Tonks (Dave) surrendered
Battle B3914, 11 turns. Tonks (Dave) won and RentedMule (Sirsmaug) died


Battle B3807, 20 turns. AlFarsud (Gorby) won, Dken (Cmt) surrendered and Duddles (Dave) forfeited