Firetop Mountain Record for Kastagaar


vs. Jedi52 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B94, 15 turns. Auriga (Jedi52) won and Adonai (Kastagaar) surrendered

vs. Kavir 3/ 0/ 0

Battle B89, 12 turns. Sabathius (Kastagaar) won and Khang (Kavir) surrendered
Battle B91, 16 turns. Sabathius (Kastagaar) won and Khang (Kavir) died
Battle B96, 32 turns. Thelonius (Kastagaar) won and Khang (Kavir) died

vs. Stealthy 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B88, 23 turns. MadMax (Stealthy) won and Sabathius (Kastagaar) surrendered


Battle B106, 26 turns. Neon (Pierre) won, Sabathius (Kastagaar) died, Orkane (Dormant) died, Sirius (Jedi52) died, Cugel (Harrie) forfeited and Xandar (Drac) forfeited
Battle B177, 15 turns. Ziphal (Mickel) won, Thelonius (Kastagaar) died and Sudodraken (Tbc3) died
Battle B229, 30 turns. Bouc3 (Brice) won, MadMax (Stealthy) surrendered, Platinum (Pierre) died, Adonai (Kastagaar) surrendered and Ziphal (Mickel) surrendered