Firetop Mountain Record for Jedi52


vs. Alx 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B2357, 21 turns. Enoch (Jedi52) won and Stojan (Alx) surrendered

vs. Antix 1/ 1/ 0

Battle B2315, 32 turns. Happy (Jedi52) won and Antix (Antix) surrendered
Battle B2342, 23 turns. Cartman (Antix) won and Happy (Jedi52) died

vs. Asdpikas 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B3641, 31 turns. Pulp (Asdpikas) won and Zed (Jedi52) surrendered

vs. Beaslera 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B2294, 28 turns. MRBots (Beaslera) won and Auriga (Jedi52) died

vs. Caimen 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B2354, 1 turns. Ogion (Jedi52) survived and Carnage (Caimen) forfeited

vs. Con 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B2309, 16 turns. Tigraine (Con) won and Aslan (Jedi52) surrendered

vs. Frederic 0/ 2/ 0

Battle B2193, 17 turns. Zippo (Frederic) won and Zed (Jedi52) surrendered
Battle B2276, 14 turns. Merlin (Frederic) won and Aslan (Jedi52) surrendered

vs. Gorby 1/ 1/ 0

Battle B2211, 13 turns. Enoch (Jedi52) won and Tangast (Gorby) died
Battle B2254, 13 turns. Tangast (Gorby) won and Enoch (Jedi52) surrendered

vs. Hrogers 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B3645, 14 turns. Demag (Hrogers) survived and Pyxidis (Jedi52) forfeited

vs. Kastagaar 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B94, 15 turns. Auriga (Jedi52) won and Adonai (Kastagaar) surrendered

vs. Lurch 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B2295, 21 turns. Pyxidis (Jedi52) won and DoctorStrange (Lurch) died

vs. Morecai 2/ 1/ 0

Battle B2234, 20 turns. Vegeta (Morecai) won and Zed (Jedi52) died
Battle B2257, 11 turns. Zed (Jedi52) won and Vegeta (Morecai) surrendered
Battle B2266, 21 turns. Zed (Jedi52) won and Vegeta (Morecai) surrendered

vs. Msilbey 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B2366, 11 turns. Enoch (Jedi52) won and Draco (Msilbey) surrendered

vs. Neonelf 1/ 2/ 0

Battle B2249, 19 turns. Knoll_Arms (Neonelf) won and Ogion (Jedi52) surrendered
Battle B2258, 21 turns. Knoll_Arms (Neonelf) won and Ogion (Jedi52) died
Battle B2264, 16 turns. Ogion (Jedi52) won and Knoll_Arms (Neonelf) surrendered

vs. Owen 5/ 4/ 0

Battle B2318, 11 turns. Derfel (Owen) won and Sirius (Jedi52) died
Battle B2323, 19 turns. Zed (Jedi52) won and Derfel (Owen) died
Battle B2337, 14 turns. Zed (Jedi52) won and Derfel (Owen) surrendered
Battle B2344, 13 turns. Derfel (Owen) won and Zed (Jedi52) surrendered
Battle B2346, 21 turns. Derfel (Owen) won and Doc (Jedi52) died
Battle B2352, 17 turns. Bashful (Jedi52) won and Derfel (Owen) surrendered
Battle B2355, 24 turns. Bashful (Jedi52) won and ZZZ (Owen) died
Battle B2360, 22 turns. Bashful (Jedi52) won and Wen (Owen) died
Battle B2458, 7 turns. Mad (Owen) survived and Bashful (Jedi52) forfeited

vs. Pierre 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B99, 22 turns. TRex (Pierre) won and Pyxidis (Jedi52) died

vs. Pj 1/ 1/ 0

Battle B2235, 14 turns. Cman (Pj) won and Sirius (Jedi52) surrendered
Battle B2265, 20 turns. Sirius (Jedi52) won and Cman (Pj) surrendered

vs. Vlad 0/ 1/ 0

Battle B2466, 8 turns. Verduran (Vlad) survived and Grumpy (Jedi52) forfeited

vs. Wolfance 5/ 0/ 0

Battle B2301, 36 turns. Aslan (Jedi52) won and Wolfcaster (Wolfance) died
Battle B2307, 24 turns. Dopey (Jedi52) won and Graywolf (Wolfance) died
Battle B2335, 32 turns. Dopey (Jedi52) won and Graywolf (Wolfance) died
Battle B2345, 13 turns. Dopey (Jedi52) won and Graywolf (Wolfance) surrendered
Battle B2350, 22 turns. Ogion (Jedi52) won and Graywolf (Wolfance) died

vs. Yuval 1/ 0/ 0

Battle B2316, 14 turns. Sneezy (Jedi52) won and Thilan (Yuval) died


Battle B106, 26 turns. Neon (Pierre) won, Sabathius (Kastagaar) died, Orkane (Dormant) died, Sirius (Jedi52) died, Cugel (Harrie) forfeited and Xandar (Drac) forfeited
Battle B2167, 42 turns. Semirhage (Mark) surrendered, Maya (Frederic) surrendered, Bin (Jedi52) died and Bman (Pj) surrendered
Battle B2287, 14 turns. Carla (Frederic) won, Bin (Jedi52) surrendered, Meoh (Sny) surrendered and RedMoon (Kracken) forfeited
Battle B2291, 29 turns. Sammael (Mark) won, Dunh (Sny) surrendered, Brambo (Bram) surrendered, LeProfesseurTournesol (Pierre) surrendered, TheWhiteKnight (Theknight) forfeited and Raithe (Jedi52) forfeited
Battle B2341, 27 turns. Thilan (Yuval) won, Dru (Sny) surrendered, Kenny (Antix) forfeited and Aslan (Jedi52) forfeited
Battle B2362, 24 turns. DrDee (Marcus) won, Hoofstoor (Sny) died, SetoKaiba (Morecai) forfeited, MortSubite (Pierre) surrendered, Graendal (Mark) surrendered, Garkin (Shadowfox) died, Kyle (Antix) forfeited and Sleepy (Jedi52) forfeited