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[HoE] Great Road Wars

<steps over passing tumbleweed rolling through the list - geez its quiet 
around here !>

okay - we know theres going to be a Great Road Wars game ala Great Rail 
Wars, - anyone fancy a bout of speculation as to the forces involved ?

Throckmortons a shoe-in.
Templars got their own forces ?
Doomsayers - the ones still loyal to el nutjob, not the renegades.
Law Dogs ?

or is it not going to be the organised forces of the rail wars ? maybe 
mixed bands - or even something along the lines of CarWars ?

Let the guessing games begin :)

pete 'digging out his old toy cars already' rogers

"Sickening horror to make your stomach turn and flesh crawl!" - 
Frankenstein's Bloody Terror

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