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[PyrNet-L] Chat: Boris

As many of you know, Boris is a seven year old male rescue who was diagnosed 
last August with osteoarthritis.  He turned up lame when we went to the 
mountains last August so we rushed him to the vet for xrays.  The assitant 
vet initially diagnosed him and she wasn't so dismal.  We subsequently put 
him on glycoflex/glucosamine with very good results until recently.  He 
apparently pulled a ligament so we went back to the vet (orthopaedic 
specialist) for a consult last Saturday.  The prognosis was dismal.  Boris 
has been grounded due to the extent of arthritis in the knee joints.  
Apparently he has little to no cartiledge left and the vet was absolutely 
amazed at his tolerance to pain.  He kept muttering "boy is he good" in 
reference to the same.  When asked what type/extent of exercise we could give 
him, the answer was "not much".  He was prescribed rimadyl for a week to see 
what happens and it was mentioned that surgery was possible just to shore up 
the knee's stability due to the fact his anterior cruciate ligament is gone, 
but then again, if there is no cartiledge, then it won't mean much.  And they 
won't know for sure unless they do the sugery and see first hand what's left. 
 At best, now we are supposed to make him feel comfortable and not exacerbate 
the situation. Poor guy.  I think he knows something is different because we 
have to walk Sierra and give her exercise while Boris is allowed to walk only 
around the block.  He absolutely hates to be separated and left behind so 
this may be difficult.  And he loves his walks, painful they may be.  The 
golden years are not so golden.....

Elisa and Boris  :(
Sacramento CA