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Re: [PyrNet-L] Allergies

I've heard that when they chew their feet ( between the pads ) it's more
of an indication of allergies.  Does any one know if this is the case, or
old wives tales?  At this point I will be glad when we open the pool up,
they had less problems when they  would swim in the Clorinated pool every
day. Plus their coats stayed whiter.  Our Vet gave me a $30.00 bottle of
shampoo that would do maybe 1/2 a Pyr.?  He didn't want to give them
anything else.  I'm really looking for another Vet. I feel for the dogs,
it is no fun watching them all sit around digging at themselves, and
Silvers " No pantaloons" look is making her look like a white Irish
Setter??  This is especially true after they all just got done loosing
puppy coats, and look rather scraggy at the best of times.  I'm following
this one closely for any answers.  And yes, the Benedryl has helped some,
Barb, and I do appreciate that info.  Cindy.
Cindy Henke

Ennis, Texas

"All knowledge, the totality of all questions and answers, is contained
in the dog."  ~ Franz Kafka