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Re: [PyrNet-L] Bailey's Allergies

Good luck in finding a vet. There are some good ones out there, I would try 
and find one who is into the natural treatments as well as traditional 
treatments. I have found that alot of the natural supplements work, with dogs 
as well as people, and can be used with the natural supplements to produce 
excellent results. And some of them are more expensive, but better quality 
and do more for you in the long run. I have discovered with doctors (Vet and 
Med) That they are either for or against natural supplementation. Me? I am 
100% for it. 

On a non Pyr thought (but a supplement thought)............ my father has had 
health problems lately, we found out a week or so ago that his Triglycerides 
were in the 900s and his Cholesterol is around 270!!!!!! He was having 
symptoms of a heart attack yesterday, and was rushed in for an emergency 
Cardiac Catheter. (injection of dye to try an locate damage or blockage) They 
found only slight blockage thank the Lord! But anyway- I asked the doctor 
what he thought of the supplementation, and he said it would be 
wonderful-along with proper diet and excercise. So I have started my dad on 
Juice Plus, Garlic, and probably will start him on some Soy Isoflavones that 
help reduce "bad" cholesterol and promote "good" cholesterol. So we will see. 
But I talked to the doctor for a while, and I was glad he thought so highly 
of supplements! 

Sorry so long and un-Pyr!  :)