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[PyrNet-L] CHAT: 6 days to puppy day!

Well, it's 6 days to puppy day and last minute preparations (like
remodeling the back of the house) are well underway.

I was told that 1 part bleach to 10 parts water is the best solution for
cleaning out the crate which has been in the garage for the last 2 years
(where we sometimes get mice.)  Can anyone confirm that, or is there
something better, or a different proportion?

The walls in the "worktime puppy area" will be protected by x-pen
panels, except for the end wall with the dog door in it, which we have
paneled.  The opening around the door will be reinforced with trim.
Sounds like quite a tempting snack to me.  I wondered if the bitter
apple furniture cream, which I bought for the last puppy (IW) but don't
remember ever using, would help.  Or does anyone have a better

What items, toys, etc. are safe to leave with a Pyr puppy to entertain
her while I am not able to watch (ie work hours)?  I generally keep
sterilized beef bones out and kongs, which are the only two things that
the IW doesn't destroy within 10 minutes.  I also have a few
indestructible balls which the IW has absolutely no interest in, but
I've heard that Pyrs will play with.  What about stuffed toys like the
chewman?  The IW would tear it apart and eat the stuffing.  Is it safe
to leave with a Pyr puppy?  If I did, would it be a source of jealousy
better to be avoided?

One of the old guys (poodle/sheltie mix) has congestive heart failure
and I'm noticing is becoming incontinenet.  I'm wondering how much of a
handicap this is going to present in trying to housebreak the puppy.  I
have been using "Simple Solution" for cleanup.  Is there anything better
to eliminate the odor?  Any advice in this area?

Any other last minute tips/warnings?

Stephanie & Ciaran (IW) and the geriatric canine trio