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Re: [PyrNet-L] CHAT: lifting heavy dogs (was dog ramps)

I always lift the front feet onto the tailgate of the Suburban and
then lift in the back end. They usually help quite a bit with this as
they love to go for rides! I also never let them jump out on their
own. I lift/help them down. I do this for two reasons. First, when Bo
was a puppy and the window in the back was rolled down at a show he
tried to jump out! The second reason is that I knew someone who's dog
hurt it's back jumping off the tailgate of a pick-up. Even though
there may have been other reasons for the back injury, better safe
than sorry. My dogs are never allowed out of the vehicle unless I tell
them it's OK to come out. They stand and wait for me to help them.

Barb Bowes, NJ down at the shore!
Bo, Molly, Chelsea & Flopsy the Pyr Shep
The more people I meet, the more I like my dog!