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[PyrNet-L] Pyr Bathing

 Aren't Pyrs to be bathed every 3 months or so unless they get into
something really filthy ? I've always heard that too much bathing
irritates their sensitive skin. Of course our Bailey is very spoiled and
doesn't get really dirty ( being an indoor dog ) . It seems like we read
somewhere that a really good brushing gets rid of most debris , even mud
if you let it dry completely before brushing .
I don't know if I've caught everything on this subject but Advantage is
to be applied monthly so hopefully there wouldn't be an emergency bath
more often than just occasionally for it to pose a problem .
I do remember the one time we gave Bailey a cow femur (thigh bone , about
8 lbs. ) I baked it for him for Christmas . He chewed and chewed  loving
every minute of it and since he could only chew it while supervised it
lasted several days . Well , on about the third day there was an awful
odor , we realized it was the marrow from the bone . Bailey smelled like
a ( pardon the southern  analogy , mom's from Alabama ) gut wagon . It
was only then I fully understood the meaning of that phrase . He had the
worst smell imaginable on his front legs and bib . That was an emergency
bath session !
But normally he only get's them every 3 months or so . Am I not giving
baths often enough or does it just depend on the animals surroundings ?
Jodi Slusser ( Bailey's mom )