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Re: [PyrNet-L] What a night!

> Well, we spent several hours at the emergency vet with our 3 1/2 month
> old Pyr.  She vomitted more than a dozen times in a 45 minute period,

I would have thought your vet should have given you some guideance on this.

> had dry heaves, and was totally not herself.  They ruled out blockage
> and toxins and we are fairly sure it's not parvo as she has finished all
> vaccines.  We beleive that she simply got into something and it made her
> sick.  We have found no evidence of this in the house or yard (but it
> was dark out there).  The only thing new we gave her was a beef basted
> bone from the pet store.  Has anyone had a similar experience.  She is
> perking up a bit, but it was scary and I'm not sure it's over.  I'm

Could be be the quantity? What are you feeding her as her normal diet?

> afraid of more vomitting when we reintroduce food tomorrow evening.  Any
> ideas on what could be going on with her and if you have ever had a Pyr
> that simply ate something that made them sick, how quickly did it run
> its course?

Kris I would start her of on a bland diet little and often. Keep of all
foods that are know to give dogs problems to start with. So leave off the
dairy products to start off with and not too much beef or wheat. I'd try
some cooked Chicken and rice.

I cann't comment on first sightings as I've never been without Pyreneans.