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Re: [PyrNet-L] What a night!

Kris, We can't even give Gar (6 month old) a peanutbutter dog biscuit or he will
throw up. We have no trouble if he is eating his Buckeye Professional growth. We
use Science Diet food as a treat.

D3melza@aol.com wrote:

>     Kris,
>          A few weeks ago I made the grave mistake of giving our Pyr's some
> leftover
> t-bones. (Our shepherds had always loved them) Well, they devoured them with
> relish, but pretty soon Belle threw up, and then Zuni had diarrhea all over
> the living room! I will never, ever, give them anything not designed for dogs
> again in my life. So, good luck with your puppy. I'm sure she'll be okay and
> maybe won't get into whatever she got into again!
> -Emily Hainsworth
> D3melza@aol.com
> Castle Rock, CO