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Re: [PyrNet-L] First Sighting

My first Pyr sighting was of my sister Barbara Bowes dog......and I thought
WOW what big, white HAIRY dogs!!  I had always had Ger. Shepards.

In 1989 I had my GSD Maggie put down from old age....13 1/2.  I didn't want
to get another dog for awhile.  Then in 1993 thought it was time for
another.  I looked and looked and counldn't find a small breed I really
liked.  Guess the big dog was what was for us but.....we really didn't THINK
we wanted another big, hairy dog.  HUH!

Barb and I were talking one night and I was telling her about looking for
another dog and ......of COURSE.....she mentioned a Pyr through Rescue.  I
thought I didn't want to do the "big hairy thing" anymore.  She said she'd
check on this dog for me anyway.

She called me the next day or so and told me it was fate and I had to get
this Rescue Pyr.   HER name was also Maggie and it was meant to be!!  I said
yes.....finally....and made plans to go and pick her up from Flo  L. at a
rest stop on the NJ Parkway.

Barb, a friend of mine and I went to pick Maggie up and  I could not believe
how BIG she was.  I thought "Oh no!!  She is bigger and hairier then I ever
realized!!!!! Barb's females weren't THAT big."  My husband will kill me!!
Barb laughed and said Maggie certainly WAS a BIG girl!!  29" tall.  She was
only 11 months old.  Of course she came home with us.

I thought my family would die when they saw her.  They kept laughing and
saying "Yeah,  no more big hairy dogs!!!  Mom gets a bigger,  hairier dog
than ever!"  That was 5 1/2 years ago.   And the rest is history!
                   Joy McCarron (Maggie's Mom)

From: catherine oldham <cmo@together.net>
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Date: Thursday, April 15, 1999 9:49 PM
Subject: Re: [PyrNet-L] First Sighting

>Sharing our first Pyr sighting is a wonderful idea.  Thank you, Susan,
>for suggesting it.  I happen to know that there are a few more VERY
>interesting stories out there.  You know who you are.  Come on, now. :)