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Re: [PyrNet-L] First Sighting

Sharing our first Pyr sighting is a wonderful idea.  Thank you, Susan,
for suggesting it.  I happen to know that there are a few more VERY
interesting stories out there.  You know who you are.  Come on, now. :)

Here is my first sighting which was not "live"  but in a picture.  I was
sitting in "The Clip Shop", yes a hair styling salon in Williamstown,
Massachusetts, having my hair cut, when I heard the woman in the next
chair telling her operator that she and her husband were moving to
France and were going to have to put their dog down because they could
not take it with them.  She produced a snap shot of the dog; I flew
forward in my chair almost losing an ear to my haircutter's scissors!
"You are going to WHAT!"  "Oh, no you're NOT!"  So, Sasha came to our
house the next day riding in the back of their pickup truck--something
that she NEVER did again.

Sasha turned out to be half Pyr/half Belgion Malinois.  Can you imagine
such a combination?  She was one tough dude!  A great watch dog.  She
was six years old when she came here, and 12 1/2 when we sent her to the
bridge because of old age, gastrointestinal problems, and hips.  When
she left I heard her say that she would "send someone", and two days
later Lilly was born at Maranatha.

Ten weeks later, Lilly came to us in Vermont, and eventhough there are
many other dogs here--a rescue Mal, a rescue Pyr, two show Aussies, it's
always Lilly's "Show".

There will always be a Pyr on this Mountain.

Catherine Oldham
Readsboro, Vermont