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Re: [PyrNet-L] What a night!

Emily wrote:

>         A few weeks ago I made the grave mistake of giving our Pyr's some
>t-bones. (Our shepherds had always loved them) Well, they devoured them
>relish, but pretty soon Belle threw up, and then Zuni had diarrhea all over
>the living room! I will never, ever, give them anything not designed for
>again in my life.

Were the bones raw or cooked?  I would recommend that cooked bones never be
given to dogs, as cooking them makes them brittle and more likely to

My question is however, If dogs have been eating bones for thousands of
years, and in a lot of places still do (commercial dog food has only been
around in any form since the 1850's and only really fed exclusively to dogs
for the last 50 years) and evolution is a slow process taking many thousands
of years (even taking into consideration that man has accelerated the
process through selective breeding), how is it that a bone (in particular a
raw meaty one) is not 'designed for dogs'? Or rather, how is it that dogs
are not designed for bones?


Tracy Bassett
Canberra, Australia