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[PyrNet-L] Chat: MS Walk

Congratulations are in order to Sierra Ungerman, and Brie, Carly, Piper and 
Sam Tobin for completing the MS Walkathon Sunday April 18, 1999.  They walked 
all five miles through downtown and midtown Sacramento, to be met at the 
finish line by cheerleaders, balloons, and very appreciative MS sufferers.  
The dogs were awarded medals for their achievement, while their human 
handlers got nutrition bars and a pizza lunch.    

The weather couldn't have been better for the Walk that wound past the 
Capitol, storefronts, office buildings, old Victorian homes, city parks, and 
the like.  The pyrs started off at about 8:20 a.m. full of vim and vigor.  
Naturally, everywhere they went, the pyrs were besieged by that age-old 
question "Why kind of dog is that?"  Of course they didn't have to answer so 
they didn't mind.  Hundreds of people participated in the Walk, but only 
these five Great Pyrenees, so they were a great topic of conversation. 

There were several water/food stops along the way and the pyrs were 
especially tended to when they showed up.  The humans took advantage of the 
port-o-potties.  At the 4.5 mile marker, Sierra put on a sprint; she put her 
head down and picked up the pace so that her human handler was practically 
jogging to keep up.  She was tired of being passed by other walkers, which is 
most uncharacteristic of her since she is the supreme lagger on walks around 
the neighborhood.  Once past the finish line though, she enjoyed collapsing 
in the cool grass to wait for the rest of the pyr pack.  

The Tobin clan was moving too, until Sam decided he had had enough fun.  He 
lay down in Capitol Park about 1/4 mile from the finish line and refused to 
budge.  He revived after his humans made a quick trip to the (fortunately) 
close-by van so that he could be provided water in his own bowl, and the 
group made it through the finish line, a little over two hours from when they 
started.  Everyone collapsed in the shade on the cool grass to recover from 
the big Walk, while the human handlers continued to explain "what type of dog 
is that." 

Next years Walk is set for Saturday, April 9th, 2000.  This is a very 
worthwhile event; plan ahead so that next year you and your pyr won't miss 
the fun!  I believe it is a national event, but each individual chapter 
sponsers thier own Walk.