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[PyrNet-L] First Sigtings

It has been great reading about everyone's stories.  I haven't posted to the list before, but I've learned a lot from it.

I am a Catholic priest from Montana.  This is my first sighting.

A family in the parish I belonged to in Billings had an acquaintance who was breeding Pyrs.  When he suffered from heart problems and had to move out of state to be with his sister she told him he could not bring 25 dogs with him.  Because of this the family was asked if they would like a pregnant female named Kumo.  Of course they said yes.  The puppies came a year ago last Oct.  They were cute.  I followed the story as each was sold or given away.  The Pyr that went to Hysham, MT to a lady who had just had her dog run over the day my friend was in the area on business and was at her house. The couple that went to other family members.  Finally it was down to the male pup the family wanted to keep and another male and female.  I had indicated that I might be interested in one of the dogs early on, but my place in Billings would make it difficult to have a big dog.  I had asked to be moved to a parish in the country and as it began to sound like that is where I would be going !
I decided that a Pyr would be a great companion for my self and my black cat.  Wolf has been a great addition to the household. I got my parish in the country. I only have a little over 5,000 square miles to concern myself with.  Wolf loves to go visit the parishioners.  Lots of open space, sheep, cows, other cats, rabbits, freemen, etc. (Did I say my parish included Jordan MT, home of the Freemen?) So far he's stayed away from the skunks, the animals, not a slam against the Freemen. 
My household is a great combination.  A black cat and a BIG white dog and me trying to look good in a black suit.  It's a good thing we all like each other and I can ignore the hair.

Again thanks for your stories.  

Fr. Leo
Yours in the Peace of Christ,

Fr. Leo