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Re: [PyrNet-L] French National

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<< Would love to hear about the Great Pyrenees National show in France. 
 How about comments from listers who were there.
 Charlotte >>

It was really nice to hear Joan's description.  I would not take any 
exceptions.  The size of the French dog's is generally much larger.  To me 
they are much more massive than many of our dogs as well.  Pictures do not 
show the massive qualities as the elegance and tall on the legs deceive the 
eye somewhat.  Long bones especially hocks that we seldom see here are 
everywhere.  When you put your hands on one you know what a really large dog 
you have.

To my way of thinking Joan and Janet visited three really good kennels.  All 
were visited by the group that visited from North America a couple years ago. 
 I am particularly fond of Madame Laffite and Benoit Cockenpot.  I suspect 
that Joan and Janet are the same as they are super folks and even with Madame 
Laffite who speaks little English, communications are almost no problem.  
They are in the top three kennels breeding in France the past five years.  
Joan did much better job of describing the scenes at each place.  Classic 
scenes both.  If you did a movie you might consider them as too stereotyped.  
BTW, Benoit has just published a book on the breed that was for sale at the 
Show.  It is of course on French, but a really nice book on the breed in any 

WE were lucky enough last year to have the pick of the litter from a litter 
from Hartza and Iros de L'Abusque(sp?).  Our little baby girl Oursa who was 
just 8 weeks old has developed into the large female seen in her majestic 
mother Hartza.  She is still a baby at 15 months and quite a resident 
character.  You can see pictures of Hartza and many other French winners at :


Go to the RACP Exposition Nationale section

I will try to find the time in the next few days to give more information 
about the wins this year and some information about the dogs that won, etc.