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Re: [PyrNet-L] Sassy is at the rainbow bridge

Hi again List,
I had a request for information from my vet on Sassy's parvo case and thought 
it best that I do pass along all that I know of it.

Sassy began to have soft stool on Saturday. We fed her less food than normal 
and gave medicine for diarrhea. Sun Sassy began vomiting and I knew we had 
gotten the flu virus that many dogs have gotten at the shows. 
We had taken Sassy to a puppy match at the Chattanooga show 2 weeks prior and 
figured she just got this flu there as she has been nowhere else before or 
since then. We kept her fluids up on Sun and she never got dehydrated then. 
Mon she was no better so we went to the vet. 
At the vet we did a full blood panel and put her on IV fluids. I got a call 
later that day saying some of the tests were completed and her liver and 
kidney functions were fine but that her white blood cell count was low. She 
said this indicated a virus of some kind. I told her to do what tests were 
needed to find it and get rid of it. She called back a few hours later and 
said that the parvo Antigen test came back "very, very, positive"
at this point we went over her shot records and found she had gotten all 
shots needed and all on time. The vet then mentioned that it could be a 
mutated strain or just a failed vaccine. We do not know much more than that 
because Tues. Morning around 7 am Sassy passed to the rainbow bridge. 

I hope this will help someone else who may need it.
We do not know for sure and probably never will, where she got the virus, I 
can only hope it was not at a puppy match with so many other puppies there.

Tammy Hardin
Souix Pyrs@aol.com