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Re: [PyrNet-L] Breeding - American vs French

> You bring up some very interesting (and somewhat sore) points about
> size in our "giant" breed. The first Pyr I ever saw was immense,
> and it was through reading the AKC Breed Standard that I could
> determine that this was indeed the dog I saw in the French Alps.

    Hello,    Thanks. Exactly, me too with my first pyr sighting!

> I don't know if I would be that certain today.

    This is not a good thing is it?

> Thirty years ago we had large and smaller Pyrs, very kennel specific.
> My husband and I liked the "larger" variety, and in fact the
> first brood bitch we purchased weighed in at 130 lb. And as sound
> as a dollar.

    She must of been stunning!!!!!!    Do you have a photo up somewhere
of her?

> Unfortunately when "size" only means "taller" you can have dogs
> that have inadequate front angulation.


> Anyway, some people who do not understand this concept have
> equated all "large dogs" with the word unsound. Even seemingly
> intelligent people have told me that a large Pyr cannot be
> sound. But then how can you explain that a Thoroughbred race
> horse can be sound? Or a Clydesdale. Do they have to be Shetland
> pony size to be sound?
> But I think that this is a rationalization. In my ever jaded way
> of looking at things,


> I think the people who bred the smaller
> Pyrs were better at politics and had better staying power than
> the people who bred the larger Pyrs.

    Makes sense, I bet the judges of the day had no small responsibility
in it.

> Which brings me to the point about the GPCofA. This club holds
> the key to our breed. Its called the "Breed Standard." I remember
> the opening phrase of the old standard "A dog of immense size...."

    EXACTLY, whoops, sorry to shout, I just got excited. That's what the
words were that was on the tip of my tongue when I wrote about this
yesterday. I just couldn't think of that quote. Carol, where is that
exact quote of the GPC of A anyway.    I briefly checked a pyr book, but
only quickly found that amazing description, actually it's my very
*favorite* way and quote. I use it when people often ask me about our
breed. You know you guy's... it's, " As you look in those eyes, the
immense moral value of the breed pierces your soul." It's written right
under a photo of a drop dead gorgeous pyr named Ch. Quibbletown Boleros
Ravel Page # 14, in The fourth edition of The Complete Great Pyrenees,
Strand/Giffin book.

> I don't believe that phrase is in our current standard. The words
> of the Breed standard are the words of the parent club.

    What parent club? I am a little lost.

> At the time of the last "revision" of the standard,

    What revision, when was that? Who decides when and how to revise the
standard? Is it a revision for all the pyrs on earth?

> my life changed
> and I became inactive in Pyrs and in the GPCofA. I was, quite
> naturally, a proponent of the size disqualification. This did not
> happen. When I became active in dogs years later, the dogs were
> universally smaller, and this is the first discussion I have heard
> regarding this matter. I feel very strongly about this,

    So don't I! <VBG>.

> but don't
> feel that, even though I am a member of the GPCofA, I have much
> say in this. I feel like I missed my opportunity by not being around
> during the revision.

    Happy Clydesdale horse manure!!!!!!

> So I just sit quietly and say nothing. Usually.

    Well...get with it. For goodness sakes alive Carol! You have loved
breed, shown, lived with pyrenees for what 30 years?    You of all
people who have written an entire book devoted to dietary health of
canines, which I just happen to have, and am too lazy to use.
    Get off of it!  <bg>. You are a fantastic pyr person. Wise, loving,
smart and well heeled within the breed.
    Please, we need you and people like you to be vocal and actively
participating with the past, present and future of precious and
"immense" great breed.
    Don't all of you on the list agree?

> My husband, on the other hand, will be happy to suggest that we
> divide the breed - like Poodles and Beagles - under and over a
> certain size. Then those who want a Pyrenees can have one, but
> those who want a Great Pyrenees will have the opportunity to
> have what they want as well ;-).

    Isn't that how pyr sheps and such came about anyway? ... Just
kidding, Collete, just kidding!!!! <bg>.

> Thanks for the opportunity to vent on this very old but still
> very sensitive issue.

    Well,  it's still sensitive but, here's a more permanent
opportunity. Use it or lose it.
    LOL! Please don't hate me for this Carol... Smile.
    Yours in pyr spirit,

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