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Re: [PyrNet-L] Re:

> .  Should it happen to, this message doesn't refer to everyone
> here...you know who you are--primarily the prejudice censors and
> anyone
> else who thinks they can get their dogs to win by kissing ass.
> General PTR_Pistol
> 9/JG1
> Pilots of the Third Reich
> ""Ad Mortem Fidelas""

    Dare I?
    Yes, I do.
    Pardon me, not to be impolite or even rude but, there simply no
Americans that were ever referred to as Pilots of the Third Reich. Not
in the days of  the World War's anyway. And certainly not in our
military! There were Germans and German allies who held what they
perceived to be this prestigious title or honor. NO American or US
friends or allies saw it that way though. Thank God that most of *us*
still don't!
    Today usually, it is only mentally ill and potentially violent hate
groups or individuals who are sad and pathetic people who still chose to
think that way and are even proud to be on that path. So be it! This is
a free country. Live and let live!
    Therefore, if someone on this  list, this ever so precious good and
loving *newsletter*, ( not dog club) has misinterpreted the intentions
of the typed word, it is most clear and very understandable to me how
they would logically conclude that! I certainly did!
    As open-minded as i pride myself on being, this Adolph Hitler and
Nazi Third Reich issue *only* comes in black or white. There simply
cannot be any shades of gray in-between on this one! NOT EVER AGAIN!

     I almost by happenstance roamed into this e-mail. As soon as I
finish sending this off I will roam right out. Never to want to return
to this absurdity again, not on my dear, safe and wonderful pyr-net
anyway. I shan't even look for the initial post to try to figure out
what started this freak show.
    OBTW, Greg, to unsubscibe you merely have to send a message with
just that word only to the list and you will be free of us!