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Re: [PyrNet-L] BREEDING:American verses French



> I personally believe
> that if we lose "type" we lose the essence of the breed.

    Hear, hear!

> My dogs may
> not be perfect but they are typey.

> Health, temperament and type. I
> happen to have seen Judith's dogs and they are typey,

    Aren't they just though. The little pyr dolls! <VBG>.

>  To own a Pyr who
> is sound of temperament and structure and with as few health issues as
> is humanly possible is the most important thing to pet owners

    To us all, right?  Smile.

>  I am not trying to start a heated debate here, just
> voicing my opinions. Whether I agree with someone else or not, they
> are also entitled to their opinions.

    Are you having a confusing day or something? You know the kind I had
yesterday?? LOL! Really, just kidding.,    Sweetheart, I don't know
about anyone else but, everything I've read of yours on this one is well
thought out and intelligent. In fact I look forward to reading it. No
provocation for a debate at all that I can see. Of course, if anyone is
in the mood for a good one, I will be happy to oblige! <bg>.
    Yours in pyr spirit,
    Judith, Jonah & Lexi