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[PyrNet-L] Re: Reminder/APOLOGY

> This is just a friendly reminder (I hope) to play nice.  No personal
> attacks
> etc will be tolerated.  I hope this is all I need to ask.

> Hello Richard,  hello fellow 'pyr-netters',

    Richard, you are absolutely right! I am wrong!    I am very sorry
and I hope that I will be forgiven and that we can put this behind us
    Strange, I left this list temporarily twice because of just such e-
mails. Now I've gone and been unkind too. Actually Richard, had you not
helped to clean up the list from rudeness   I wouldn't  want to be here
to post anything.
    I really did not intend to mention anyone's name. I went too far and
wasn't very nice about it. Bitchy actually!
    I do not apologize for responding in the manner that I did
especially to that topic.
    However, it was wrong of me to get up close & personal with him or
with anyone else for *any* reason.
    Having said that,
    Greg, I would like to formally apologize to you  for the unnecessary
the direct insult. You might be a nice guy for all I know.
    The following statements are by *no* means meant to in any way
excuse my behavior;  just to share with you guys a bit more of what and
who I am. That is, if any of you care! <bg>.
    I was brought up in a family that 'almost' had no prejudice about
anyone or thing in , except for my parents prejudices about stupidity!
    I have worked very long and very hard on not allowing any
anti-semitism or prejudice for anyone, ever unnoticed when it comes in
my direction, without me taking some stand on it. Written or verbal.
For I have learned that it is one thing to be almost prejudice free and
another to be willing to back it up.
    Today, I backed it up too far and that is not good for me and it is
not good for the health and welfare of the list.
    Yours in pyr spirit,
    Judith, Jonah & Lexi
    PS. I suppose that the book that I am currently reading did not help
me with my attitude either. It's titled Life of a Slave Girl, written by
she who was the slave, Harriet A. Jacobs < vbg>

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