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Re: [PyrNet-L] BREEDING:American verses French

Joe, I agree with you on the "type" opinions. I personally believe
that if we lose "type" we lose the essence of the breed. My dogs may
not be perfect but they are typey. Makes it hard to do much winning in
the ring! <vbg> However, if someone is not breeding to true type and
they are breeding what they like to see in a Pyrenees, no one is going
to be able to change their mind. And believe me, I've gotten into more
than a few "debates" on the type subject! My post was meant to be
diplomatic. I was hoping to make prospective breeders see that they
should do their homework on all the issues within the breed before
they decide to produce a litter. Health, temperament and type. I
happen to have seen Judith's dogs and they are typey, I have not seen
everyone's though. The assumption that because a dog is a Champion
means it is a typey or good representative of the breed is not
necessarily correct as you well know. Most of us who have bred or are
breeding Pyrs sell the majority of our dogs as pets. To own a Pyr who
is sound of temperament and structure and with as few health issues as
is humanly possible is the most important thing to pet owners. We all
have problems in our bloodlines, but hopefully we are always trying to
improve the stock that we have in the most responsible way possible.
Not just breeding to a particular dog because it happens to be winning
at the time. I am not trying to start a heated debate here, just
voicing my opinions. Whether I agree with someone else or not, they
are also entitled to their opinions.

Barb Bowes, NJ down at the shore!
Bo, Molly, Chelsea & Flopsy the Pyr Shep
The more people I meet, the more I like my dog!