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[PyrNet-L] from NZ

Good morning
Thanks for the welcome Cindy and Ann.Glad you enjoyed the PMDC site. Was in Napier 2 weeks ago Ann and took the old Pyr with me to visit one of our daughter's who is on the Naval Frigate "Canterbury". Napier is a lovely city.
Pyrs have been in NZ since around 1947 when 2 were sent to the Auckland Zoo from UK(Pondtail prefix). Numbers of Pyrs fluctuate around the 300 mark in NZ and there have been a lot of imports over the years from UK,Aust,USA so we have a nice little gene pool these days.Would love to see you when you come back "home" one day, Featherston is only 3 hrs from Napier. Going to Hastings 2 weeks time(next to Napier) for 2 shows along with a bunch of Pyr people.We'll have a great time!! Enjoying reading the posts.
Best wishes
Jan Chaplin Ariege-Roussillon Pyreneans
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