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Re: [PyrNet-L] Re: Breeding: American vs.....

     Basically I am still an amateur in my knowledge of the show & breed
Great Pyrenees world of today or any day. Yes, I have had some time and
despite my substantial experience with my own pyrs. However, they were
always show or breed quality and just that. I suppose that I could have
shown them in the ring's, I just am not  inclined that way. They were
still mostly  my beloved pyr pets above and way beyond all else. <bg>.
    Therefore, Sandy's and Joe's particular response is very important
for me to hear or read. Because to me this say's that even I am on the
right thinking track in regard's to my observation's of our great breed.
Again, I have noticed this for the most part during my only  2 trips to
our pyr national's, the one's in 1997 & 1998. Whew! This feels better.

> I have been reading all the posts on this thread with interest.
> Resently my husband and I attended the GPCA national. While many of
> the Pyrs
> we saw were impressive and very well groomed in my opinion 90% of them
> in no
> way resembled the illustrated Pyrs that are in The Great Pyrenees
> Standard
> Visualization and Commentary booklet.

    Where and how may I ask may I get a copy of this booklet?
    I still have been lazy about joining our GPC of A. Is this where the
booklet is from? If so, well... for 14 years or so, I just haven't
bothered to join. I don't really like joining thing's generally, except
for pyr list's!. <BG>
    Must I get going on it to receive this booklet?  Smile.

> I have to agree with what Joe has said
> "Many people have no clue what is correct to begin with. Look at the
> old
> pictures of Estat and his brother Estagel. Look at any picture of a
> "de
> Soum" dog and you know this is the type that is the Great Pyrenees. I
> think
> many assumed they could make the Great Pyrenees "better"

   but again in my opinion for the most part we have lost the true
Pyrenean type that unfortunately in the long run is going to be hard to
get back.........
    I have read that the size may not actually take that long to breed
back. Is it?
    Is it more than that, or more than width of bone and such?
    Yours in pyr spirit,
    Judith, Jonah & Lexi

> Regards,
> Sandy Dyment,
> Pyrview Reg'd Great Pyrenees.