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[PyrNet-L] Re: Breeding: American vs....

> Why if one doesn't breed a French bloodline or like the look of such are
they labeled as" having no clue what is correct to begin with"

My feelings here are that with what is out there today for the most part to
me does not possess the proper head that the French and other European
countries are determine to keep. Many of the heads I see at the show look
nothing like what Pyrs did once.

A few years ago at the World Conference, M. Alain Pecoult emphasised that"
two essential elements in the Montagne des Pyrenees were that the head
should not be angular in any way, it should be a combination of curves and
slopes not angles and straight lines and that there should be no extremes in
the outline, all
parts should blend together in harmony without any exaggerations. He further
stated that is there was any deviation in type it should always be
remembered that the Mountain Dog is a cousin of the Maremma and the Kuvasz
and not the St. Bernard and Newfoundland."

> to imply that 90% of the dogs at the National were not quality Pyrs is
wrong in my opinion.

I did not say they were not quality Pyrs, many of them were sound and had
beautiful movement, however too many of these Pyrs did not prssess the
correct type I look for in a Pyr.
And lets not forget type is different things to different people.

Certainly no one is implying that one breeder is better or smarter then the
next but to say you feel "there is room in this wonderful breed for everyone
to do there own thing" means to me that type in Pyrs needed to be improved
upon.  I think the the type we saw many years ago was correct to begin with.

I am off to a dog show this weekend showing my English male puppy. Will be
interesting to see what the judges think of this big boy.....<g>.      See
you all on Monday..............

Sandy Dyment
Pyrview Reg'd Great Pyrenees.