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[PyrNet-L] Breeding

I have found all the postings about breeding very informative.  We adopted (from our local Humane Society shelter) a female (approximately 1 to 2 years old) and our neighbors adopted an older male.  The two had been running together for a couple of months in a rural area in our county.  

We really didn't know much about the breed, but have found them to be such loveable, well-behaved dogs, although somewhat stubborn.

We thought both were Great Pyreness, but after reading about the Maremma and lookin up pictures, I'm not sure.  The male has the square (St. Bernard type) face, but the female really looks more like the picutres of the Maremma.

Before adoption, I did search Internet lost pet bulletin boards thoroughly, looking for owners.

Anyway, I've been enjoying reading about the breed and the differences.

Leslie Swaner
Robinson, IL