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Re: [PyrNet-L] Re: Breeding: American vs.....

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> In a message dated 4/30/99 12:06:36 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> profitmanage@mgenerations.net writes:
> << One question, why if one doesn't
>  breed a French bloodline or like the look of such are they labeled as
>  "having no clue what is correct to begin with..."  >>
> Now Doug no one said this unless you are talking about our initial import
> stock.  If so how could one not want French bloodline?  Look at the
> dogs, universally acknowledged as same.  They were French, N'est pas?

Actually someone did say this.  It is a direct and exact quote from an
earlier post.  I guess what I am clumsily trying to ask is are there no
North American bred dogs that qualify as "correct dogs, universally
acknowledged as same"?  Surely, with all the breeding out there someone is
producing "correct" dogs.

> <<"We have the soundest dogs in the world but..."
> (hope I'm not misquoting someone).  I don't think we should glaze over
> fact.  It has taken decades of hard work by breeders to obtain this and it
> is still a work in progress.>>
> Yes, but don't we want size and type as well?

I do, but I am not willing to sacrifice soundness for size or type.  If I
can get size I will take it but I would far rather a 28" inch sound dog than
a 32" unsound one.  Type, I will sacrifice for to a degree, but not to
extreme.  What I am trying to get across is that we should not condem people
who do not produce what we think is "correct", whatever we think is correct.

One last point, I have been reading these lists on and off for years and I
think it is great that this particular one has gotten to the point that
people can have wildly differing opinions about dogs without personal
attacks.  (With last month's unfortunate post an exception).  I have never
felt comfortable posting to a group before and would like to thank everyone
for making this one friendly enough for me to feel like I can disagree with
the popular train of thought.

Take Care everyone,
Doug Hustins,
Acroyar Great Pyrenees