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[PyrNet-L] Dakota's home & looking good!!

<< In a message dated 4/29/99 4:25:13 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
bamb@MONMOUTH.COM writes:
 << Janice, Has he been neutered yet? <g>
  Barb Bowes >>
    Last I heard they were planning on it and I was told they had the money 
for it, when I offered to give them my share of the unused reward money for 
it.  I've been real busy this week with dress rehearsals of one play 
("Crossing Delancey") and helping  with performances of another play 
("Califormnia Suite"), plus finished up my Nursing Assistant class this week, 
and had son visiting from California, so I have been kinda swamped this week. 
 I tried e-mailing them twice as I have been getting home after 11pm, but the 
address I have didn't work. I am asking their neighbour to tell them to 
e-mail me so I can get the correct address.  Maybe I can get ahold of them 
this weekend and find out!  Keeping my fingers crossed!!
 Janice Vocke
 Shelton, WA.