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Re: [PyrNet-L] First Sighting

My first introduction to pyrs was similar to that of Jodi. My husband, Tim, 
and I had been studying dog breeds for a couple of years trying to decide 
what would best suit our lifestyle. I was very partial to the large breed 
dogs, but had not heard much about pyrs. One Saturday morning Tim suggested 
that we visit the humane society.  We were the first ones there and we 
casually strolled by each dog kennel without much interest, that is until we 
were both taken by a large, beautiful, serene, white male dog. We visited 
with him for a bit, then Tim stationed himself by the kennel door while I 
went for the attendant. We found that he had been passed around to several 
members of the same family and the last owners didn't have the time to spend 
with him.  We couldn't bring him home for four days, this was the earliest he 
could be neutered, and I used that time to find out everything I could about 
pyrs. Our first night home he spent going from person to person for the love 
and attention he had been missing for so long. Well, the rest is history and 
this beautiful dog is now a most important member of our family. His name is 
Riley, he's 3 1/2 years old and he's been with us for 2 months. We're already 
thinking it might be nice to have another one day. Riley could use a playmate 
and we have plenty of love to spread around. 

Kerry Sickels
& Riley (I love my new home and it loves me!)
Kelso, Washington