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Re: [PyrNet-L] First Sighting

Because we showed dogs, and have an interest in all breeds, we have seen
Pyrs. frequently, and thought they were gorgeous, elegant, and often

We had been without a large breed, since our last Mastiff passed on four
years before.  One morning we woke to a heavy rolling fog drifting over
our pastures.  We stared out at what appeared to be a large white Ghost
standing on the ridge.  We watched for a while, to see what it would do,
and because we have had so many attacks on our chickens.  He stayed,
calm, curious, and questioning.
Later we went out to him, he was cautious but desired comfort.  Very
young, about 8-9 mo. old, and while not Purebred, definitely mostly Pyr. 
We watered him, fed him, and tied him up, and I called the shelter.  The
shelter took most of the day to get here, and in the mean time he won our
respect with his gentle gracious demeanor.  He behaved with curious
respect to all the animals that greeted him, including our P.B/ pigs.  My
husband got home, I told him how much I liked this fellow, Bob handled
him and played with him, and was taken with his beauty.  We decided to
keep him just as the man from the shelter arrived.  He seemed happy that
we were keeping the dog.  We called him Ghost!

We had him for about eight mo.  he disappeared as quickly as he appeared.
 Literally right out from under my husbands back.  We advertised, posted
flyers, called all shelters, even called into the little local radio
station, for several mo.  He had tags, and a bright green collar.  He
left us with a very large hole in our lives and an ache in our hearts.

Many mo. later we found an ad in the paper, talked it over and decided to
give this breed another try.  Of course, ending up with the four pups is
another story!   Actually Ghost is still with us.  Every time we see a
big white dog running through a field we wonder, and we still miss him. 
I often wonder if he ever found his original home.  I always felt like he
was dumped, because he had the habit when we would walk of always really
looking in car windows as though searching for his person.  Anyway...
that is how we ended up with the four big white kids!

I am really enjoying reading these stories, it was a wonderful idea.  I'm
amazed at how many rescues!

Cindy Henke
Ennis, Texas

"All knowledge, the totality of all questions and answers, is contained
in the dog."  ~ Franz Kafka