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Re: [PyrNet-L] First Sighting

No need to apologize for *boring* anyone, Lori and Steve, with that
wonderful story of how Bailey became part of your family! He was one lucky
dog to be there the day you arrived with your friend. Great story!
The first GP I met was Peg's dog Sugar, who was 7 when I met her in 1988.
She was somewhat shy but it was love at first sight, and we soon became
fast friends. 
She was Peg's first GP, coming after collies, mixed breeds, and a Saint
Bernard named Bumble. Peg had seen a glorious white dog outside a store in
S. California when she was a student at Stanford. She waited as long as
she could but the owner didn't show, so she went to a library and searched
the dog books until she found out what it was. She decided that some
day....! Some days later, she saw a notice that the local breed club was
having a meeting in a public park. There were several dozen gps tied to
little saplings, and all she could think of was what would happen if a cat
or squirrel ran through the place! Anyway, it was a marriage, 2 kids and
many years before she was settled enough to respond to an ad from Joe G's
kennel and finally took Sugar home. Since her death in 1992, there was
baby Paddington (1993), Ch. Andorre Michele Meilland (Shelley) who
"retired" to our home in 1995 after her show and breeding career and
graced our lives so abundantly until we lost her just a year ago to
osteosarcoma, and of course, now there's the inimitable Ivy Rose, daughter
of Shelley, gifted to us by Deb and David Hunt after Shelley died. We were
pyr-less for a year after Sugar's death....needed time to grieve and be
ready for new adventures. We'll never be without a pyr again, as long as
we can give them what they need and deserve....in fact we'll probably
never be without 2 for more than a brief period of time. Watching the two
play together is more entertainment than any dozen movies etc.!
Ann, Peg, Paddington & Ivy Rose