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RE: Re(2): [PyrNet-L] parvo and other matters


When we took Ursa in regarding her hips, we asked our vet about Rimadyl, and
he said that he rarely uses it anymore because of the risks associated with
it.  He says that if he does use it, he uses it with extreme caution, and
only with a lot of supervision.  He usually only puts animals on it for
short periods of time.  I don't think liver damage shows up until it's
progressed to a point that it's very difficult to treat.

Carol Lugg

Also: Our new vet has Paddington on a regimen of Synovicre (glucosamine
etc.) and 75 mg of rimadyl twice daily, for the arthritis in his knee
where he had luxation surgery as a puppy. It seems to be having wonderful
effects in terms of his general sense of well-being. He's more playful and
just seems to have more joy in life than we've seen for a while. However,
I've heard that rimadyl can have other problems (liver damage) when given
over a long period of time. Our vet says there is no need to do blood work
if he is asymptomatic, which he seems to be. Does anyone out there have
experience with this medication? I love his renewed  energy and
playfulness, but don't want to take risks of serious side effects.
Ann, Peg, Paddington and Ivy Rose

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