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Re: [PyrNet-L] Re:

Please remove my email address from this list.  I have no interest in
receiving censored or bias correspondence.  It is obvious that a whole
bunch of you people are very far up JB's ass.  I sincerely feel sorry for
your ignorance.  I have tried to unscubscribe through esquire@pyrnet.org.
It doesn't work.  Again, please remove me from this rediculous forum.  This
forum may have been designed to talk about the well being or improved
breeding of Pyrs, but there is obviously some type of 'political' or
popularity agenda hidden in the mix.  How retarded, this is a DOG club.
You people never cease to amaze me.  I am sure this message won't make the
post.  Should it happen to, this message doesn't refer to everyone
here...you know who you are--primarily the prejudice censors and anyone
else who thinks they can get their dogs to win by kissing ass.

Get real people,
Greg Snowden

General PTR_Pistol
Pilots of the Third Reich
""Ad Mortem Fidelas""