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Re: [PyrNet-L] Breeding - American vs French

I usually don't post to these lists but I couldn't resist on this one.

I also tend to agree with what you are talking about except if (and if IS
the critical word here) we can do better why not allow for change.  If we
automatically accepted everything that was European as being "better" you
would currently be living in the United States of England.  I think it is
somewhat unfair to discount the hard work that North American breeders have
been doing for many decades.  Take a look in the show rings here too.  While
there certainly are some problems, there are also some spectacularly
beautiful animals running around in the Pyr ring.

For what it's worth, I believe, what makes a GREAT Pyrenees is that
wonderful Pyrenean personality.  That air that they seem to carry.  I feel
much worse when I see a shy or aggresive Pyr in the ring than when I see a
27 inch male or a 25 inch female.  Thankfully, while it still exists, this
is becoming a more and more rare occurance.

My two cents worth,
Doug Hustins
Acroyar Great Pyrenees,
Brooklin, ON, Canada

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> I agree with everything you said Carol.
> I prefer the taller, bigger Pyr.  Who are we but Americans to change a
> French dog?  I find it amazing that because some breeders are unable to
> breed size back into their lines (or may not wish too, whatever the case),
> the standard was changed to eliminate the word immense and add the word
> "medium" in places.  I do have a bitch more in keeping with the "new"
> standard.  However I also have two bitches 29 1/2" weighing 120 lbs which
> much prefer and will breed into my lines and others to regain the height
> that has been lost with many Great Pyrenees of today.  Just MHO.
> Carrie Coffman
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