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Re: [PyrNet-L] Breeding - American vs French

> Which brings me to the point about the GPCofA. This club holds
> the key to our breed. Its called the "Breed Standard." I remember
> the opening phrase of the old standard "A dog of immense size...."

I found much of this information to be very intertesting.  After doing some
initial digging and then discussing this with someone who is a *student* of
the Great Pyrenees standard I was provided with the following information...

It might be important to know that the word "immense" was added to the US
standard with the 1935 revision of the original 1933 standard (which BTW,
was a translation of the French standard).   The 1933 US standard said "A
dog of large size...".   The French standard has never used the term
"immense".   The 1907 French standard said "great height" and "great size".
The 1927 "large size" and the current one "great size" just as does the
current US one which changed the US standard to be in agreement with the

Karen Reiter
Fairport, NY