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Re: [PyrNet-L] Chat, Events: Fun Versatility Events

Dear Elisa,

Talk about activities - sounds so great - think more clubs should try this.

Hope great fun is had by all!

Dianne Migas - NJ

Have you hugged your Pyr today?  Gunner's off to the "Fat Farm"
and Murphy's still ROTF laughing!  Ha! Ha! "FAT BOY"

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Date: Friday, April 30, 1999 3:37 AM
Subject: [PyrNet-L] Chat, Events: Fun Versatility Events

>For Everyone in the Northern California area, this is to let you know about
>two upcoming events that you might be interested in:
>(1)  The Sacramento SPCA is holding its 6th annual Doggie Dash on Saturday
>June 5, 1999 at Sac State University (behind the CSUS BUSINESS
>BLDG.--wherever that is).  There will be a 5k (3.1mile) run or a 2k or 5k
>walk.  I'm told that you must have a dog to participate, so I'm assuming
>pyrs will opt for the walk. <bg>  Additionally there are several contests
>including owner-dog look alike, tallest, smallest, shaggiest, most
>glamourous, etc.  Registration starts at 7 am, run/walks begin at 9 am.
>is a $17 donation prior to day of event, or $20.00 on day of event.  There
>will be local celebrities present, and vendors.  For more info and/or a
>cute brochure, call (916) 383-7387 x 9102.   This event will be good for
>versatility events:  public education and walkathon or fun walk.
>(2)  On Sunday June 6, GPCC AND SPGPC are co-hosting "Pyr Versatility Day"
>Gibson Park Ranch here in north Sacramento County.  There will be a five
>hike around and through the ranch, carting, a pyr parade and CGC testing,
>along with time to have fun, check out the animals at the Ranch, chat with
>friends, go fishing, etc.  A BBQ lunch will be available.  Your pyr can
>participate in any or all events, and really rack up some versatility
>  We are really encouraging everyone to come out for the Versatility Day,
>even those of you in the Bay Area!  This may be a once in a lifetime event,
>although we hope not.  Gibson Ranch is a terrific location for spending a
>summer's afternoon with or without a pyr.  Swimming and horseback riding
>also available for a charge.
>Any questions, you can email me privately.
>Elisa Ungerman
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