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Re: [PyrNet-L] Breeding - American vs French

  After doing some

> initial digging and then discussing this with someone who is a
> *student* of
> the Great Pyrenees standard I was provided with the following
> information...
> It might be important to know that the word "immense" was added to the
> US
> standard with the 1935 revision of the original 1933 standard (which
> BTW,
> was a translation of the French standard).   The 1933 US standard said
> "A
> dog of large size...".   The French standard has never used the term
> "immense".   The 1907 French standard said "great height" and "great
> size".

    Hello,    Thanks Karen, this is fascinating!    But, still and all
what's with the subtraction of the "great height" and "great height"?
    If, pyrs are to remain the "gentle giant" and a *giant* breed of
dog, then what's the point of trying to *downside the term* we use for
    I am almost lost. <g>.( Not a hard place for me to find to go, btw.)

    Please someone refresh my memory of how, why and if the GPC of A has
changed the very important written word description?
    Yours in pyr spirit,
    Judith, Jonah & Lexi

> The 1927 "large size" and the current one "great size" just as does
> the
> current US one which changed the US standard to be in agreement with
> the
> French.