Firetop Mountain Unofficial Archives and Information

Firetop Mountain is a play-by-email game of battling wizards. The official home page at has all the information you need to get started.

The purpose of this site is mainly to provide archives of old battles for the use on anyone interested. As a secondary purpose I hope to add links and additional information to aid players of the game.

I am always interested in comments on these pages. If you are a player you can contact me with comments or additional information for inclusion on these pages by sending a message to my Firetop Mountain user name 'Psychosia'. I'm trying to avoid posting any e-mail addresses on this site to reduce spam that might be generated.


The archives go back to approximately July 1998.
By User/By Score (Updated May 16 2004)

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Games of Interest
Some non-obvious spell interactions (Updated Aug. 13 2001)

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ELO ratings for Firetop Mountain Duels